Jewelry Care

The Its MIEL jewels may deteriorate over the years, due to their manufacture are more fragile and sensitive to lose color over time.


Move them away from the exposure of heat sources for more than 24 hours.

Do not sleep with these, unless you want to be Cleopatra.

Always store them in your hexagonal box of It's MIEL, these are designed to keep your jewelry in good condition.

Do not exercisewith theIt´s MIEL jewelry, unless your personal trainer tells you otherwise.

Avoid contact with water, unless you are thirsty.

Exposure to certain chemicals such as perfumes, creams or sweat can affect your jewelry.

Enjoy them and take them always with you.


Mix a small amount of soap with warm water and gently rub your jewelry, do not rub with intensity we promise you will not find any genius.

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